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Message from CEO

I stepped foot in the international education and migration sector in 2006 by founding ESI Global Services, and till now, I’m fulfilling my ambitious goal of delivering the experience of Australian education and living to the world. What started off with a small office in Rockdale, is now a thriving global consultancy with branches across 5 locations – Sydney, Melbourne, Dhaka, Chittagong, Pakistan and many more branches to come in 2022.


My journey started with helping a struggling friend(who was also an international student) navigate through his studies by choosing the right course and institution for his permanent residency back in 2006. That friend is now a successful businessman and citizen of Australia. When I witnessed the life-changing impact that student counseling had on international students, I started my own education and migration consultancy. At the beginning, I didn’t have the knowledge or qualifications to solve every migration case, but I was able to partner with some of Australia’s most reputable migration agents and lawyers to help international students in Australia achieve their goals,  and prospective students in Bangladesh be informed of the process of migrating to Australia. 


What keeps me highly motivated till now is when I travel around Australia and see successful people, who all once, many years ago trusted me in assisting them with their education/migration despite my humble beginnings.It is this phenomenal feeling that I want to experience through ESI Global after 10-20 years when I can bump into people and can take pride in how ESI Global has helped shaped their life.