Skill Assessment Service


Skill Assessment

Assessing what you've learned and worked on all your life is one of the benefits offered by the Australian government. For this recognition of prior learning to occur, you must go through a testing process.

We provide the advisory service so that you can present this test effectively. The evaluation process is carried out by the Registered Training Organizations (RTO). They may or may not belong to the State. They evaluate and grade previous knowledge, which you have acquired by work, daily life, or even volunteers.

Our company can connect you directly with one of these RTOs for your RPL. This way you can save time by evaluating which one is right for you. These tests apply to the work and educational field, in which case it is valid for undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

Doing this will save you valuable time by returning to or starting from scratch in some work. Validation can be of things you've learned in or out of the country. Contact us!

Skill Assessment

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