Food Safety Service


Food Safety

There is legislation requiring all trades to produce and sell food, to be treated and prepared with standards of care for human consumption. There are some exceptions to meeting these law requirements, such as charitable groups.

Some of the assessment points set out in this food care legislation are management of food preparation and cooking skills; health and hygiene, as regards the responsibility and knowledge of companies for the treatment of food in prepared food sales businesses; on the other hand, the same responsibility and knowledge of the workers who handle these foods.

We can advise you to know if you must comply with the requirements to obtain these certificates. The list of those who should pass this assessment ranges from companies that provide hospitals to fermented meat production companies.

We help you keep your Food Safety credential up to date. In addition to the sticker that leaves evidence to your customers that they can trust you. Every business must hire its food safety supervisor. Count on us to keep you up to date on this aspect.

Food Safety

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